Front Suspension & Body Overhaul

I couldn’t stand the excessive front wheel gap and ride height so I made plans for 2018 to install H&R Sport springs.

I could have hit the road after only swapping springs but this was the opportune time to overhaul the rest of the front suspension – control arms, tie rods, steering damper, and bushings.

The whole front subframe and hubs need to be removed which opens up the wheel wells and frame rails for cleaning, rust conversion, and coating. I will clean, treat, and coat the inner body with the KBS Coatings three-step process with the same grey color as the trunk.

I’ve been down this road before with my old E36. With everything new in the suspension that car drove amazing. I’m aiming for a similar result and with stiffer urethane bushings the car will track and corner more precisely. I thought the car drove great already so there’s always the chance I could make it worse. But H&R’s and urethane are common upgrades for these cars so there’s little chance of complaints after.

A lot was done on my first full weekend of work:

E21 front suspension removed

I’m going to post regular updates on my photo site:

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