Rear Suspension, Exhaust, & 5-Speed

Running journal of three big projects on my 323: all bushings and mounts in the rear suspensionfull Supersprint exhaust, including headersGetrag 5-speed refresh and install (with driveshaft and shifter) Getrag Reseal April 10, 2022. I bought this 5-speed from a fellow E21 enthusiast in Rhode Island. It has unknown history so the smart thing to... Continue Reading →

2021 Project Planning

Big projects coming up: 5-speed swap, Supersprint exhaust, rear suspension bushings, and floor cleaning and paint. I’ll cover the actual project in a later post but jot down my planning here. “I don’t want the labor pains, I just want the baby!” I have so much going on project-wise that I don’t feel like doing... Continue Reading →

E21 323i Exhaust Layout

   One of the first things people notice is that the 323i has a dual exhaust. It's the only modern BMW with one until the 1998 M Roadster arrived. The single tips on both sides give the car some added muscularity and I love them. The rest of my car's exhaust is also interesting. It... Continue Reading →

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