Some photos from this year’s Boston Chaptet Concours. My 323 was part of the Display class. Although if I had entered the Super Clean class I would have won third place (there were only two cars entered).

It was a good turnout despite the heat. I had my kids with me so I didn’t spend a lot of time taking photos.

Driving into Boston with the 323 is a lot of fun. The bridges, tunnels, and Storrow Drive are a blast. So is accelerating away from unsuspecting Porsche drivers. But with manual steering and no A/C you have to be in the right mood. And you have to plan ahead – leave before 50,000 fans arrive for a Red Sox home game. 

My car ran great until it was time to leave. Turn the key and a single click. Volt gauge reads 11 and all lights are bright. Hmmm. Why is the key so loose? It seems as though I have worn out the ignition switch. This is my worst fear with going to a car show with my kids. I tried a few more times then waited 10 minutes (not easy with 98* temps and two kids) and tried again. It fired right up and didn’t skip a beat. Chalk it up to #oldcarproblems. I’ll have to source a new switch and rebuild it.

Pictures here if the above slideshow doesn’t work for you: