Crashing A 2002 Mini-Meet

There are so few car events north of Boston. So when a local 2002 owners group planned a small meet 30 minutes away I had to join no matter what. Would they mind the 02’s younger brother joining in? Not at all as it turns out.

I texted my friend and former co-worker Doug who lives nearby. He then texted another friend who happens to have a rare 2002 Turbo in storage. Could we break it out and bring it along? Of course!

M31 Turbo engine bay.

We spent about an hour hanging around with a great group of 02 owners and enthusiasts. We even drew curious onlookers who were thrilled to see vintage cars being enjoyed.

The E21 was appreciated with a lot of compliments. One guy told a great story about being in Germany in the ’80s and being passed on the Autobahn by a 323i and he fell in love. Too bad I had to leave early.

Two of these are not like the others

The new front suspension and springs worked very well and I’m getting used to the ultra-low ride height. It requires some planning to avoid construction zones.

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