2017 Boston Chapter BMW Concours

The 323i made another appearance at the Boston Chapter BMW CCA Concours. Again in the Display class (not judged).

3.0CSL at Boston Chapter Concours
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The 323i was made for trips like this. 3rd and 4th gear freeway cruising up until the city. Lots of heavy acceleration followed by cruising. It’s easy enough to drive around the city but not having A/C on an August afternoon takes away some of the fun. 

Highlights this year were a real unrestored 3.0CSL, 3-4 E82 1Ms (I didn’t think there were that many around here), another 323i, and a Euro M635CSi in a rare color. I wish I had spent more time taking in the details on the CSL but I had my two kids with me.

A few things I observed:

  • An E24 with a LS swap attracted a lot of attention. Which is a shame. Props for carrying out an engine swap but I like mine from the same family.
  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that the 1M, M2, and E92 M3 owners are young professionals and new to the Club, middle age guys buy E36s, and the old guys are into 2002s. But does that mean older guys aren’t buying new BMWs?
  • The parking is always so regimented here. I wish they just told us to park anywhere on the Display field. Some of us may need a downhill bump start…. Or want to park with other like models. 
  • There is not enough color and customization on newer models. It’s cool that BMW does Individual colors now but the interiors need more personalization (tastefully done). They’re all alike.
  • Again, my 323i was largely ignored. I even used the rare pop-out windows and rear headrests. Maybe the color makes it blend in too much.
  • Where are all the kids with the E30s? For better or worse, a major disconnect between the CCA and the young tuning crowd. 
  • The Larz Anderson Auto Museum continues to get things right. Sheldon Steele has excelled as its Executive Director. He’s always around and has done a tremendous amount of work to make the Museum better. 


The 323i ran amazing all day. I have been experimenting with ECU tuning and had a pretty lean fuel mixture for this trip. This kept odors down while in traffic (but not completely). The car never came close to overheating and it just drove beautifully. All in all a great day to be out in the Bimmer!

Click here to view my Boston Chapter Concours photos on SmugMug.

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